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Legerdemain, an "epic roguelike"?

A couple of weeks ago, xalolo linked me to Legerdemain, a free-as-in-beer fantasy game in the space where Roguelike games and what one might call "traditional" CFRPGs [I'm really feeling the Ultima here] intersect. The writing is actually rather compelling, the gameplay is in some ways excellent and really interesting, and in some ways frustrating in ways that feel like poor design to me.

We were chatting about game design elements and what we liked about it and what frustrated us, and I noticed that I'd started saying things like, "when I write my epic roguelike, I'll do this differently". I've started putting a fair amount of thought into actually attempting to write a beast like this.

And apparently my writing about it got long...Collapse )
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You Must Be Fucking Kidding Me

Apparently, and I'm not sure if this is a change and I haven't found any documentation for it anywhere, the "intel" X.Org driver will not permit access to hardware acceleration and the DRI unless the user is a member of the "video" group. That was a good hour of Googling to find.

So, if you use an Intel-based graphics controller such as the Intel 82945G/GZ (or any other 945G chipset controller), make sure to add your primary user to "video" if you want hardware acceleration.

I was wondering why it was using the software renderer; I thought I'd gotten this working last year. Oh, well...working now.

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New photoset at flickr

I've started a new photoset at my flickr account titled Out my Window. I think I might start updating a lot more regularly.

My desk is set up in the second bedroom facing the window. I seem to get quite a variety of animals wandering by that are fun to watch. The cats enjoy it too, although Mhairi seems to be a little vague on the concept of "window"--she just tried to pounce on an anole and banged her head rather adorably.

There's an anole with a broken tail who seemed to have made my window ledge his territory, but today he'd moved over to the porch (his tail is starting to grow back), and I saw another male with a full tail in his usual spot. I'm not sure what's going on there. The new guy was doing his cool mating display thing, but I wasn't able to get the camera out in time to catch it, and he was scared off by the cat hurtling into the glass.

There was also a baby anole running around inside my window the other day, which I did get a chance to photograph. Actually, the photos I have so far are all of the baby (two of it inside, a bit spooked by the noises I was making and trying to run out through the windowpane, two of it outside looking in rather adorably).

My camera seems to have forgotten its date, perhaps because it has severe battery issues. Oh, well.

You also get a freebie of shield_toad111's gecko clinging to my monitor with his amazing gecko feet. Awful flash glare, a sense of what we talk about on IM, and Twitter trending topics included at no extra charge.

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More on that intermittent Dreamwidth connection

AT&T called today to follow up on my less-than-satisfied exit survey. They're going to send someone to replace the modem/router/gateway device. I don't think this will help.

The good: they acknowledged the problem persists, they explicitly acknowledged that I'm correct that the available information suggests it's not a configuration issue or an issue with my personal equipment.

The bad: I sincerely doubt replacing this device will work either, though I guess we'll see. [My bet is still on a configuration issue with one/some of the devices internal to AT&T's network. I also still suspect this is the same as the intermittent DW->AT&T email problem.]

Connection is good today, and was good yesterday, but I expect it'll go away again in the next few days.

Also, while my appointment for the modem repair is sometime this evening in the 4-9 range, I've seen an AT&T van driving around through the parking lot for the last hour or so. They just went by again for the third time. They seem to be looking for something.

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I'm Back!

For some strange reason, I've been unable to connect directly to Dreamwidth from any of the computers in my home network. [The whole thing was really weird in a complicated way that makes me lack confidence that it won't mysteriously break again at any moment and that made no sense and made less sense as I gathered more data.]

In any case, it appears to be working this morning, so I thought I'd post a quick update.

Life has pretty much been full of moving. We got our keys Saturday night (as in a bit over a week ago), the truck with the rest of our belongings arrived Tuesday night, we've gone out every day to do some sort of furniture or kitchen or houseware shopping [usually a bunch of stops, including picking up some large furniture item off Craigslist].

At this point, the apartment is mostly furnished and a lot of our stuff is put away, so it's really beginning to feel like a place we live.

shield_toad111 started work this morning. I'm puttering about on the internet for a bit, and then it will be job searching and putting books onto shelves and breaking down boxes.

Next post hopefully something interesting.

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A rant on partnership

My partner is not "my woman" (and $50 says I hear that phrase in the next two days and have to go off on a rant), or any other sort of possession of mine, nor a dependent of mine, nor should she be. She is an independent adult who I trust and expect to be fully capable of making informed decisions with respect to her own personal safety.

It is not wrong, unloving, rude, or failing to think in terms of partnership for me to, say, not insist on accompanying her physically through a possibly dangerous part of the world (and I'm not even going to start on the classism and probable racism in addition to the mysogyny inherent in describing I-95 as unsafe for a woman traveling alone). In fact, were she to tell me she had considered the matter including potential safety issues and concluded that she would prefer to travel alone, it would be unconscionably condescending and rude for me to insist on such.

At most, if I were concerned for her safety, a conversation in which I said that there might be safety issues she hadn't considered and offered to enumerate them would be appropriate.

This rant brought to you by my partner's mother, who had the gall to accuse me of putting "political correctness" ahead of appropriate concern for my partner's well-being.

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