November 16th, 2011

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I'm Back?

Gee, it's been a while. I just got a new haircut yesterday, which is totally not the reason I'm back, but since that was the last thing I posted about I feel like I should at least acknowledge it.

For some reason the browser on my desktop started going completely nuts in a way that made me not want to keep a tab permanently open to each of LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. Combined with my having largely moved to twitter, twitter+facebook+googleplus having taken a lot of the content that used to be here, and my spending less time in front of the computer for pain reasons, I got out of the habit of checking in to the journals.

Last week I got fed up with Opera not working the way I wanted on my netbook, firefox being unusable, and upgrading/installing browsers being a giant pain because Gentoo and a netbook with a small SSD don't actually get along well at all and blew away the whole storage and started over again with Arch Linux, which I keep running into whenever I'm doing searches for how to fix/improve something in a Linux installation. So far I'm loving it...things pretty much just work, installation is easy, customization seems straightforward, it thus far has insisted on installing very little cruft (I have a working system with a good deal of storage left), and the speed of installing binaries is really pleasant. Plus for some reason it's running a lot more smoothly than Gentoo ever did, including being able to handle firefox with a dozen or two open tabs including a bunch of app tabs without having any trouble at all. Not sure why, but I'm pleased.

And the happier firefox means I'm able to come back here more easily, at least on this system. Will probably return to my usual habits of lurking a lot and posting occasionally.

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