November 19th, 2010

regency cards


Mmph. I had another one of those "back in college" dreams this morning. These aren't good dreams; they're usually full of anxiety and housing issues.

In this one I was, for some strange reason involving money and it seeming like a good idea to my parents, living in a 4-person dorm room: with my brother and both of my parents. It was horrendously awkward and an extra source of stress on top of the fact that classes were stressful (something about motivating myself to attend, something about being way behind in everything even though it was the first day, I think, and something weird and complicated about the specific bags I was packing to take the stuff I needed, which for some reason included a violin case packed with art supplies. Dear unconscious: WTF?)

The dream ended with me in some sort of fight with my father, and getting really stressed out and hitting him with a soft bag of stuff I was carrying. (I seriously must have been carrying like 5 bags to class; I have no idea why.) Meanwhile, the scenery of the room was really vivid, if nonsensical.

I got nothing.

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