October 21st, 2010

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Not about my hair

Two friends of mine from completely different parts of my life who met through absolutely no action of my own (I find this really cool somehow), mithrigil and rm have just founded a production company to do musical theater in New York. They've named the company Treble Entendre, which I think is just perfect.

They're looking for help raising funds to get this thing off the ground through their kickstarter page. If you're so inclined, it would be great if you'd go help out my cool friends with their cool project, and you can get some cool rewards.

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ten the hard way, dice

Hair Experiment

Thank you all for your supportive and helpful comments yesterday.

While doing some web research on hair care this morning, I realized something frustrating but true: I don't know as much about what kind of hair I have as I think I do.

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The thing I notice right away is that even when wet/damp, my hair is much curlier than I think it is. Much curlier. I think that's because I'm rarely looking at the ends, or the back, or indeed most of my hair at all. That alone means doing this was a good idea. We'll see more when it's dry (however long that takes), especially if I get to learn anything more about the different layers that seem to exist.

In the meantime, I get to sit around and overheat, but at least I don't have water dripping down my back.

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ten the hard way, dice

Hair Experiment Part II

I think I'm ready for part two. These photos are taken an hour and a half later (about two hours drying time).

The outer layer of my hair is dry or slightly damp to the touch. Underneath it's still quite damp, but should no longer be dripping, so I can probably go put on real clothes now.

Again, much curlier than I think it is down at the bottom. The frizzing of the top layer is starting as well.

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Hair Part III: Mostly Dry

Ok, so at the four hour mark most of my hair is dry, except the segment in the center underneath where it's still pretty damp to the touch. No surprises there, except that it might be drier than expected.

I've always had this thing about people seeing me with my hair down/being photographed with my hair down. I don't know if this means that thing is gone, or what. Hopefully I won't get a massive panic attack about it or anything in a couple of hours.

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