April 8th, 2008

regency cards

In case you missed the memo...

I figure there might be someone out there who hasn't heard and wants to know. Almost two weeks ago, I came down with a nasty case of what I'm assuming based on symptoms was influenza. I spent something like Friday - Monday in bed, during which time I barely had enough energy to watch Farscape Season 1. Standing up made me dizzy, but I was able to force down a bunch of apple juice and some number of cans of chicken soup which shield_toad111 was kind enough to pick up for me at the store.

This meant I missed a whole bunch of dance stuff, including the waltz night Friday, the 1880s Bustle Ball Saturday, rehearsal Sunday, and SCD Monday. Starting around Tuesday, I felt better enough that I could actually deal with, say, sitting at the computer for an hour or two at a stretch without feeling faint. That was also when I first found the energy to do exciting things like walking to Davis Square to pay somebody else to make food for me.

About a week later, I'm at around the same point. I get up, and quickly lose confidence that I can safely drive to the office. I can only sit upright for short periods of time, and getting anything meaningful accomplished is difficult. What the hell? I don't really feel particularly ill anymore, I just feel useless.

So if you haven't seen/heard from me recently, and wondered why, that's why. This is well beyond "getting" old. I'd like my energy back so I can enjoy the nice weather before the allergies kick in, thank you.

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