March 11th, 2008

regency cards


Following the my current trend of looking at something seriously if it comes recommended from multiple unconnected people, I've just signed up for a Twitter account. You can track what I have to say at (or subscribe to my RSS feed there) if you're not a member.

I'm not sure what I'm going to use this for, if anything, but I think it might be subject to those random thoughts which catch my fancy and which I want to share with friends, but which aren't substantive enough to feel like they justify an LJ post. I may also use it to explicitly state publicly that I'm adding something to my Hiveminder tasklist, if I want people to know or want to be bugged about it or something. We'll see.

Note that my text messaging plan still charges me 10¢ per message either direction, and that trying to enter anything on a phone keypad seems to be really bad for my hands, so I probably won't be using the SMS integration much, if at all. Which is too bad, as that could be kind of neat.

regency cards

Hey, LiveJournal!

Not that anybody in a position to do anything about it is likely to be listening, but it would be really cool if I could reply to comment notification emails and have LJ do the right thing.

That is, when I get an email from LJ that someone has replied to my <post|comment>, I want to be able to reply using my email client and have my reply appear in the appropriate comment thread, threaded correctly. It wouldn't be hard, and it would be really helpful not to have to open a web page just so I can read what I've already read and then enter my reply into a textarea (or use "It's All Text...") instead of using the editor my mail client is already configured to use.