December 12th, 2002

regency cards

I give in

For a long time, I've avoided posting "quiz" results here, preferring to put them on my website rather than clutter everybody's friends page with them. I've changed my mind - the page with all the results on my website is annoying to maintain, getting big, and I don't think anybody looks anyway. Here people will see them, and I won't really care if the site hosting the quiz goes down in a few weeks and takes the image with it. I'll use cut-tags so you don't have to load images every time you load your friends page, though.

In other news, the car is still masquerading as a Nova, but should revert to its true form tomorrow. I look forward to having personal transportation again; walking between here and VC in the snow got old.

I've spoken with the profs, and I think we've figured out a plan wherein I should be able to make up for the mess the last month or so has been. Fortunately I got off to a good start in the one class, and have taken the other before. I need to do a ton of work tonight, but it's on paper; I'm hoping I can do it in the company of friends. Just try not to get too annoyed with me in the next week if I see everything as a search problem?

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