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Magus' Journal
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Thursday, December 5th, 2002

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Nova, Part II
Tried to go to the diner last night, but I couldn't get the car to start again. I thought I'd gotten the trick of starting this thing in the cold down, but apparently I was wrong. So it was Pasta-Roni for me last night.
It's snowing today. I know I'm capable of getting myself from here to Vassar safely with this amount of snow on the ground, especially since they've been by with the plows and sanders, but I don't think it's really worth it. I'm not sure if the car would start, and it's not exactly the safest time to be out on the roads.
Looks pretty out there; but I've finished my books and have no company. Wish the timing of the snow had been better - it's making me miss class.

Current Mood: lethargic
I just found out that my Junior Highschool best friend's little sister is currently a junior at my college. How . . . odd. I wonder if any of my friends knows her.

Current Mood: surprised

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