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Magus' Journal
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Thursday, August 22nd, 2002

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I'm back
I'm home now. Behind me are the beautiful cities of the "former Eastern Europe*", and being cooped up with my family. Before me is time spent with friends, a return to work, and a return to classes.

I want to go back sometime, alone or with friends. I think ideally I'd like to spend a while travelling around Europe alone, but meeting up with friends for a few days every couple weeks in various cities. That way I could have all the advantages of spending time alone, all the opportunities to meet new people, and still not have to miss my friends too much.

* That's what a number of the locals called the region. Our best guess is that someone picked them up and moved them, so that they're now central. *grin*
From /usr/games/fortune
<Mercury> emacs sucks, literally, not a insult, just a comment that its
          large enough to have a noticeable gravitational pull...

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