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Magus' Journal
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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002

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Yeah, sure, no problem...
...I can dedicate tons of time to helping a new hire get up to speed on things. No, no, it's not incredibly unfortunate timing.
...I can start coming in a couple hours earlier so I'm here when he's here. Never mind that it's been a major struggle for me to get in when I've been getting in.
...I can still not only keep up on my own work, but catch back up on it so everything that needs to get done gets done before I leave for vacation. The shock to my system of a time shift, and the interruptions to my work won't cause any problems.
...while I'm at it, I can pretend not to notice that you're not treating me like a peer any longer.
...I won't notice that all this suggests that I won't be coming back from the vacation.

Current Mood: annoyed
The sky went dark as twilight about twenty minutes ago, and still is. (For reference, if timezone stuff doesn't work correctly, that was 2:50 PM local time)
There's a constant sound of sheets of rain hitting rooftops and windows, thunder rolling across the sky, and wind blowing the trees around. I wonder how long this amazing storm will continue.

Current Mood: impressed
A bolt of lightning which looked about 5' thick just hit about 100 yards away. Wow.

Current Mood: enthralled

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