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Magus' Journal
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Friday, July 19th, 2002

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I'm such a geek
I just wrote a PERL script that randomly generates RPS throws. It generates 500, and pretty-prints them into a 25x20 matrix, with row numbers (0-origin, by twos) for easy reference. This can then be copied&pasted into a word processor - if printed in 8 pt. Courier New, it fits on a business card.
The truly geeky part is that it takes input from /dev/random, which theoretically has high enough entropy for use in strong cryptography. It takes about 15 seconds of playing with the mouse to get enough data to generate a card.
(Next, I need to make the script automatically generate the PostScript so it can be sent straight to a printer without the messing with the word processer junk)

Current Mood: geeky
I'm a Ragabash
According to The US Naval Observatory, I'm a Ragabash. The brief of what they had to say:
Phase of the Moon on <my birthday>: waxing crescent with 1% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.

Update: According to the USNO's Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures, the moon looked something like this when I was born:
Moon Phase

Current Mood: amused

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