June 26th, 2002

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Gypsy Solstice

Saturday we had an invite-only (for plot) crossover event between the werewolf LARP I now play in and the changeling LARP in the same network. The theme was a bonfire being held to celebrate the solstice by local gypsies. Bring your own tent, pot-luck dinner, and almost 12 hours straight of immersive role-playing.

It was excellent; everything a LARP should be. People were almost constantly in character. The storytellers has full-time NPCs to play, so they were constantly in a character (even when doing their jobs, they often didn't break character) With no ST around, and no Plot to follow, players found things to talk about with one another.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate solstice and full moon (close enough); in the company of friends, and thoroughly enjoying myself.
regency cards


Wow. We just had an incredible 5-minute thunderstorm. Once again, the windows didn't break. This time, my apartment windows were mostly closed - hopefully all will be relatively dry.
At the height of it, I couldn't see anything but grey out our windows.
What a thing of beauty...
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