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Magus' Journal
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Monday, June 17th, 2002

Time Event
Al Palazzo della Contessa
Went to my first ever SCA event on Saturday. The event, Al Palazzo della Contessa was held in the Barony of Dragonship Haven. It was an all-day dance workshop in 16th c. Italian dance, followed by an evening of food and dance.

The event was to begin promptly at 10am, and things built on each other, so getting there on time was essential. Dragonship Haven is in southern CT - Mapquest estimated 2 hours from here. We made it in about an hour and a quarter, which gave us ample time to help set up the room.

It was a thoroughly pleasant day. It felt good, I got to engage in physical activity, and I got to eat delicious food. Although I'm not sure if 16th c. Italian is my favorite, I continue to enjoy "period" dance.

I should find out if Frosted Hills runs any dance stuff. Dragonship Haven is just too far to go for weekly lessons; which is a shame, because I really like Alejandra's style.

Current Mood: tired

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