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Magus' Journal
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Friday, June 14th, 2002

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As though the design stage of programming weren't taxing enough, my boss thrust a half-finished design upon me, telling me to take the lead on the design, and use him as a resource. But, of course, it still has to be done his way. And he seems to think I know design decisions he's made and HASN'T TOLD ME.

If that weren't bad enough, I also have to take notes in a way that he can understand; while still somehow managing to take them in a way that I can understand. And if there are little details of the document, like page numbers, that I don't get to fast enough, he gets irritated with me. And when he gets irritated about these little things, he points out that they need to be done in an extremely belittling tone of voice - like he thinks he not only has to hold my hand through everything, but he can't understand why I can't anticipate both of our every need and stay ahead of him.

I'm so fed up right now! This is really hard work, and he's making it much more aggravating and emotionally draining than it needs to be!

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