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Magus' Journal
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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002

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So you can learn my lesson...
Do not, when making hot cocoa from SwissMiss(R) Hot Cocoa Mix, and lacking an object designed for the purpose of stirring powders into liquids (e.g. spoon, stirrer), decide that, rather than using an object not designed for this purpose but adequately suited to it (e.g. pen, finger), or fetching such an object from across the room, it would be preferable to stir the hot cocoa mix into the hot water via the very convenient and always available method of expelling air forcefully from your lungs onto the powder and liquid via your mouth.

While this will produce a force upon the powder, this force will tend to cause the powder to form a triangular pattern upon the surface of any horizontal objects directly opposite the container of hot-cocoa-to-be more than it will cause the powder to mix with the liquid upon which it is floating.

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