Magus (marcmagus) wrote,

An incredible video game ad

I'm not big on FPS games, I'm not at all up to date on gaming systems or gaming trends, and I'm often not all that big on multiplayer games. However, I just saw this advertisement in a post at Shakesville, and it is enough a thing of beauty that I want to share it with everybody.

I am sharing this in large part because I do not expect to ever buy the product, but I want to encourage more of this sort of advertising. So I'm giving them a free signal boost, and I've sent an email to Activision thanking them for the ad.

I want to express my appreciation of your "There's a Soldier in All of Us" advertisement, and making the decision to reasonably reflect the diversity of the gaming community. An advertisement which displays a variety of body shapes, genders, skin tones, and apparent professions without resorting to easy stereotypes or making fun of often marginalized gamers is sadly a rare thing, and I appreciate it.

While I am unlikely to personally purchase Call of Duty: Black Ops as it's not the sort of game I enjoy, I am posting a link to the advertisement in my personal blog and encouraging my friends to watch it. I hope to see more advertising like this in the future.

Thank you.

[Actually, I haven't sent them an email because their Contact Us page is labyrinthine and useless, but I want to go ahead and post this. Hopefully I'll figure something out.]

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