Magus (marcmagus) wrote,

Hair Experiment V: 12 hours

tirerim intelligently, if frustratingly, pointed out that it would be a good idea to take another set of photos after my hair had had some time to be lived in dry. This is it.






Also frustratingly, it looks better in photographs than in person. You don't really see as much of the frizzy outer layer in the photos as I do looking in the mirror. Also, I think the highlights from the flash make the back view look much prettier and more interesting than it is in person.

On the plus side, it's really not that awful even after being down for 12 hours, although I suspect having it flopping around and getting in my face made me even more prone to crankiness than I usually am (which, this week, has been very). But anyway, the point wasn't really to decide whether I wanted to keep my hair long and wear it down, but to establish a baseline for what my hair is. I think that's been fairly well accomplished.

And now I've put it up in a braid to sleep. No, I didn't take any photos, we already know what that looks like.

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Tags: hair, science!
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