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Hairstyle Suggestions

I appear to actually be serious about this at the moment, although I don't know if it's going to last. But the medical purposes argument is working in my head right now (I won't hurt myself in hair care, so I might feel and heal better; hair will also be less of an impediment to exercise such as going for a swim, so ditto, etc.) The reminder that it's not a permanent change, would be back to "long" within a few months and back to normal in a year or two helps.

So, soliciting opinions time. If I decide to cut my hair "short", what style should I go for. What reflects my personality as you know me? What do you think I'd enjoy and have fun with and would be a source of happiness?

Considerations: Part of the goal is to take a load off my arms. Required care probably shouldn't be too much more than washing in the morning and brief maintenance in front of the mirror afterward. My hair is very prone to what's commonly referred to as "Jew-Fro" in an unpleasant way; this should be accounted for.

Also, should I employ use of dye to render my hair a color human genetics never intended? If so, what color?

Links to photos of suggested cuts totally welcome.

(Note: because of the poofiness, shoulder length with option to gather worked quite poorly for me in 1997. I believe the defining quote was "It looks like a squirrel climbing up your back." I'll entertain ideas for long but not so long, but they'd need to account for this, offer significant improvement over the current state of affairs, and not result in my commonly having hair on my face. Hair, even/especially a single hair, touching my face is a thing—it freaks me out at a visceral level and I can't concentrate on anything else until it goes away. Kind of like feeling something with lots of legs crawling around on your back.)

Have fun!

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