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Poll: Programming Languages

I'm contemplating resuming work on manakin, and I accept that at this point it's so stale that it's succumbed to sufficient bitrot that I might as well start from scratch, using what I had as a model. What I have was in large part intended to be a quick prototype anyway.

This project has two purposes. One is to build a working Twitter client that I can live in and with, with a UI that doesn't make me want to scream, and with whatever functionality seems relevant to me. I think I'll stick to keeping it in the terminal so I can access it remotely using screen, although I'm finding myself increasingly more frustrated with the terminal's limitations than enthusiastic about its advantages.

The other purpose was to get more experience in a language I didn't have much experience in. Last time around I picked Python, because I've heard so many positive things and it seemed like a good job skill to pick up. I feel like I only scratched the surface of Python, so I could certainly stick with that when I go back again, but I'm also open to alternatives.

What language, that isn't Perl and isn't Java, do you think I should use making a terminal-based, UI-design focused Twitter app as an excuse to improve my skills in. Why that language? Are there any particular libraries I should/shouldn't use when doing so?

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